Solo Exhibition and Promotional Services

In addition to our regular representation services for group (collective) exhibitions, we offer selective artists the opportunity for exclusive promotional services including a solo exhibition. These services include the following: Promotional Web Page,  Invitations to be……….,  Exhibition Catalogue, Listing of the Exhibition on various art centric platforms,  Release of advertisement in leading publications,  Gala Opening Reception.

Art Consultation

Consultations are an important factor to be taken into consideration when determining your fine art needs. One of our professional art consultants will meet with you in person to determine your specific needs and based on his conclusion will assist you in finalizing that perfect artistic piece for you.

If you do not have an established budget for artwork, a consultant will provide you with a proposed budget. Providing art to its lover is not a big deal but even though we lay emphasis that our associates in no way fall into any sort of trap. It’s our firm focus that we facilitate buying art which not only fulfills you luxurious want but becomes an asset to your wealth. The recent boom in the art world has also brought with itself some bubbles that burst every now and then, so it becomes our utmost priority that our associate gets the original art piece which can be proudly inherited.

Customized site specific projects

This service is truly for connoisseurs. Site specific art is created in a certain place. The artist takes the site, as desired into account for planning and than creating the artwork. This kind of artwork is site specific and is for a particular place. People with classic taste of art generally want an area to be specially designed in a manner which has got a distinct identity. A wall, a passage, ceiling, cupboard, yes any of your possessions which is desired to be artistically done can be done.


Choosing the right frame for your artwork is very important and can be a difficult decision. Our attention to aesthetic detail and our close relationships with framers allows us to assist you in finding the appropriate frame for your artwork. One has to take outmost care in selecting the framer and frame as any sort of inexperience and docile mounting can cause severe damage to the artwork.

Orangeart can advise you on:

  • Which frames will best enhance the beauty and impact of your artwork, while complementing your décor and personal taste.
  • The correct glass to use when framing works on paper – the importance of knowing the difference between Plexiglas, UV coated and museum quality glasses, etc.
  • The best way to care for your new frame – cleaning products can often remove gold leaf or finishes from frames.
  • Matting your artwork to add depth or texture to your piece, the differences between matting techniques such as over matting and float mounting.
  • Archival framing – the different types of papers, pastes, and pressure-sensitive tapes that can be used to preserve the integrity of artwork.
  • Taking environmental issues into consideration – direct sunlight, humidity, heat, etc.
  • The proper backing for your work of art – only archival materials, such as acid-free foam board should be used to back artwork, so that mold and condensation are avoided.