About us

Orangeart established in new era to provide an opportunity to artists who are entering the Indian art market. The vision of founding Orangeart is dedication to the promotion of local, national and international artist. Providing original fine art to established and emerging collectors and to develop new collectors. Moreover catering to special events in support of fine art organizations that foster social awareness and promote environmental issues.

Orangeart is fine art online site located and operated from the heart of Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The land is enriched with the inheritance of the heritage cult of Rabindranath Tagore and the area is surrounded by art mine. India is International demographically Inheritage of ART , therefore you will find the combination of modern and contemporary fine art at Orangeart.

The name Orangeart was coined with much enthusiasm as we wanted a proper noun with artistic meaning inscribed in it. The name Orangeart carries with itself the term “O” representing the world, while rang denotes to colour in Sanskrit whereas range means not a particular but different varieties irrespective of size, medium, location, etc.

In our logo we have highlighted the term “e” and “a” which signifies that Orangeart provides solution to the art through the e-platform.Orangeart offers one of the most comprehensive collections, consultants, interior designers with access to the work of emerging, mid-level & established artists. View Modern and Contemporary Fine Art for Sale.